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Sarah Archer

Team Hammerhead MMA

Why I started MMA:
Having lived a very active and sporty life throughout high school, being involved in numerous volleyball, netball, softball, basketball, touch and athletics teams, I was set back in 2009 when I sustained a serious injury playing netball. I spent the next 3 years focusing on university and not being nearly as active as I would have liked. Finally I decided to get back into the gym and work on regaining my strength and agility. I was loving seeing progress in the gym and had friends involved in MMA. Since training was running out of the gym, and looking for a challenge I decided to give mixed martial arts a go. Having a basic understanding of Karate from my younger years helped, I fell in love and I've never looked back.
What I love about MMA:
- Mixed Martial Arts is the perfect sport if you continuously want to challenge yourself in every aspect of your life! I love to see self progression, and that doesn't occur if you're not constantly pushing your own limits, both physically and mentally. 
- It keeps me fit!! - Fitter than I've ever been in my life.
- It's provided me with a second family. Most people who train in the sport will understand how close relationships become when you are constantly spending time in each others bubbles. Those not involved will find it difficult to understand how you can still like someone who continuously punches you in the face or smashes you on the deck. But the commitment to training and the understanding of struggles that come with fighting in particular, such as injuries or weight cuts bring people together.
- I love passing on my knowledge. I've only been in the sport for a few years but I love to help others and one of my favourite things about my involvement with my club Team Hammerhead is helping to coach our kids classes. I love how absorbent children's brains can be and how quickly they can pick things up when they apply themselves. Its wonderful to see their confidence grow and watch them emerge out of their shells. 
My History:

  • Brown Belt in Goju-Ryu Karate
  • 3 years Mixed Martial Arts training at Team Hammerhead MMA
  • IMMAF Representative 2015 - 115lbs Bronze Medalist

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