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Rion Hakiwai

Allegiance BJJ Academy

Rion is a BJJ globetrotter, packing little more than his Gi and bicycle with him to roam various countries and experience the diversity of jiu jitsu. Training at almost 30 academies in 10 different countries, Rion has developed an open-minded jiu jitsu game, sown from a history of improvisation through music. Leg locks, cranks, muscle locks, and other atypical techniques were an interest since white belt. Rion now prefers Gi, submission-only rulesets, but loves some exciting scrambled no-Gi grappling.

Rion started his jiu jitsu journey six years ago in Wellington while completing tertiary study at the mighty GSW in Wellington. Training under Geoff Grant, a 1st degree Black Belt under John Will, Rion received his blue belt and an ongoing love for jiu jitsu. You will now find Rion in the orchards of sunny Hawke’s Bay. He trains as a purple belt under Damian Smith, another John Will Black belt, at the awesome Allegiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. Rion assists in the children’s BJJ program twice weekly and trains daily, complementing his training regime with cycling and yoga.


Favourite Techniques:

Crucifix Position
The Truck Position



  • 2 X NZ Grappler Medalist
  • 2 X Full Force Fight Co. Medalist
  • Artaxias Invitational Highlight Competitor




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