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Venum Elite Shingear - Camo/Gold

The Venum Elite shin guards have become the reference point among professionals in only a few years. This is due to a high absorption coefficient, great lightness and almost perfect ergonomics.


They are handmade in Thailand, composed of many layers of natural foams. The high level of protection is due to the "sandwich" technology used. By multiplying the layers we manage to stop the shock wave very effectively.


Its shape prevents the shin guard from turning on the leg so you can remain focused on your training.


The two velcro closures and the wide elastics under the foot and behind the heel ensure a firm hold.


Ideal for Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or MMA.



Professional Use
PU casing (made in Japan)
Multi-density foam with reinforcement on the shin and neck of the foot
Two large velcro closures
Two wide elastic bands for support: one under the foot, the other behind the heel.
Anatomical design: maximum mobility
Handmade in Thailand
Complies with the CE Standard.

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